Laptop To Tv!


I have tried looking on TV specific forums for this info, but those things are generally a f****ing mess, so I thought I would ask here. Someone is bound to know!

Right, I want to connect my Laptop to a TV, so I can watch movies.

My laptop has a…

VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) connection

My TV just has the Red/White (L/R) audio connections and the Yellow video connection. I guess it has Scart too.

I have an EMU1616m sound card which can use for the audio through my monitors, I just wanted the laptop display to be duplicated on my TV for watching movies when mates come round.

For some reason I can’t find the answer anywhere, or locate a cable.

Anyone know how I can do this?

Cheers in advance!

What you need is a vga to scart converter.…tv/circuit.html build one ;)

or buy one that looks like this. :)

should be enough … except for some audio cables. however u want to connect it. To your TV, or to your home cinema system.

If you need a high quality picture, then only a few graphic cards can output Component (RGB). I know some ATI cards can do this.
You then need to use powerstrip to set the correct output (resolution and refresh rate) to your tv.
Also make sure that it is ha high quality cable (very important in this case!).

In other words, it’s quite a complex process to get a really good picture from vga to scart (on crt tv). You just have to google around and see if your graphic card can do this.

i’ve one of these:…p;sku=470-10382

no frills laptop to tv. more than suitable for watching compresssed dvd rips on a normal tv…

Thanks for the replies.

Yeah, all I want it for is watching movies on my tv. Not bothered about super high quality. The sound will be taken care of by my Emu1616m and Mackie monitors.

Coolio. I’ll get down the shops!