Laptops on Battery Power Throttling massively, stops playback

I have 2 year old Asus ROG gamer lappy, i7 with maxed out RAM. I realized the times I’ve tried to write or even play songs when it’s not plugged in (you know on flights or just wanting to be outside), Renoise playback stops and says CPU maxed out within seconds. Sometimes it will last a bit, but sound will start breaking up and playback usually always crashes. I was sad to see this would happen even on say, a very minimum project with only just one or two VSTi synths running such as an Arturia synth or NI Massive or something. Power profile allegedly is still on performance, but it’s responding vastly different.

Any thoughts? Insights? Insults?

Which OS?
Update Audio driver?
Double check power settings in OS and possibly Asus add-on software?


windows 10
the ROG laptops have this thing called Armory Crate which takes over windows power settings. thing tries to update whenever opened…even if not net, will block. i tried to take my life back and max out power settings on a new windows power profile, but it was performing worse…couldn’t display bright, weird things.

i’ll fiddle with drivers again. no issues when plugged-in tho.

here are some screenshots to add more context:
12 lines in. can see the VSTs used on instr list…

same profile as when plugged in.

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When you say it’s throttling does your CPU really has a very high temperature? Or do you just mean that Renoise stops due to high CPU usage?
Does this happen with samples only projects? Does this happen with light VSTs (I believe Massive X and KORG emulations could be CPU heavy in some cases)
What is the exact difference in CPU usage on the same project plugged and unplugged?
Why do you have such a huge amount of RAM in use?

Sorry, I probably can’t help you solve this problem but those questions came to my mind immediately

sorry, this deserved an answer a long time back. when i said throttling, i meant the appearance of giving less power, so cpu was pegging, renoise crapping out. when on wall power, lappy is a powerhouse. when on battery, even with asus rog settings at max, it’s a wimp. ya talking OG plugins like massive, or other simple stuff.

i was able to somewhat solve this issue - i maxed out my ASIO driver buffer. sucks because i can have lowest buffer setting when plugged in and thusly play and record things in.