Large Sample Continuation?

I was really unsure what to title this topic so i think its best if i just explain::

Lately I have been recording, lets say, a 256 count (in renoise terms) sample in audacity from my juno 60 synth. I then import this large sample into renoise to have it play along with my track. My problem is the fact that these large samples can only be heard if im listening to my pattern starting at the beginning. So lets say im working on the 2nd half of my pattern and i have it blocked out to loop, obviously i cannot hear my juno 60 sample playing because it is only triggered in the first half of the pattern. So my question is…is there a way around this?? any ideas?

thank you!!

working with large samples and keeping them in sync is not an easy task to do with any tracker.
to workaround, you can either:

  • cut the sample into slices, according to your pattern structure
  • use the sample offset command throughout your patterns, so that the sample will be triggered more often and you will hear audio when starting from within a pattern.

yes, these are good ideas…but is there a way to do either of these accurately? I feel like the sample offset method would be more of a sure shot since you arent actually modifying the sample file. Is there a quick way to do this sample offset method though? Like a foolproof way that i could go about placing a marker every 32 counts?

Another option, if you own energyXT, is to load the energyXT VSTi, create a sequencer there and add an audio track with your sample, then set the sequencer synchonisation to external. In the pattern editor you trigger the sample as usual and it will play from every start position.

if your sample is perfectly synced with the song tempo, there is a foolproof option to place the offsets.
let’s say your sample lasts for two patterns.
placing a sample offset with the value “80” (-> effectrow: 0980) in the very first row of pattern two, will therefore result in playing the sample from half its lenght, starting from pattern two.
so analogue to that setting, you can set further ones like this:
1st pattern, 1st row: trigger sample without offset (or 0900, if you like)
1st pattern 16th row: trigger sample with offset 0920
1st pattern 32nd row: trigger sample with offset 0940
1st pattern 48th row: trigger sample with offset 0960
2nd pattern 1st row: trigger sample with offset 0980
2nd pattern 16th row: trigger sample with offset 09A0

the above of course only applies if your pattern length is 64 rows.
and it goes without saying, that you can of course increase the offset resolution by adding more offsets between the ones i mentioned above. (for example 1st pattern, 8th row, offset: 0910).

i think you might’ve already got the idea…

beatslaughter’s suggestion is a nice one, as well, but it has two downsides:

  1. you loose control over the sample, as the pattern effect commands won’t work on the audio sample (since it’s a VSTi)
  2. you need to buy a 3rd party app (energy xt)

however if both points are irrelevant for you, it’s definately the most elegant way to go.

OT: I want a proper ruler for the sample editor. :D

If we know how to slice the full sample-size into pattern-lines or tick-points, there might be space for that.
But this would also require a zooming percentage field.