large sample: get out of memory

While working (simple delate/trim) on large sample recordings (4h long) I get “Out of memory!” warning. For me its strange that I can load sample but cant trim it, Workaround is to select, copy, paste into new sample than delate old one, but its rather much for simple trim.

Also removing those sample take a lot of time. Can I disable undo system in general manually and enable it after I`m done?

Just a quick thought: Trimming probably needs to have undo data generated, and while I have no actual info on the technical details, this undo data is probably the same size as the original sample(?).

If it is acceptable for you, you could try disabling undo for sample processing?

it is acceptable but unfortunatly unchecking undo dont fix it

How much RAM does your system have?

What is your operating system: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux? 32-bit or 64-bit?

How is your virtual memory configured? Do you have enough free space on the system drive to handle situations where all of your available RAM might be exhausted?

Which version of Renoise are you using: 2.8, 3.0? 32-bit or 64-bit?

What are the sample properties: bit-depth, sampling rate, number of channels?

Either way, 4 hours of audio is a pretty huge amount of potential data to process — roughly ~2.37 GB for 4 hours of typical “CD quality” audio at 44.1kHz 16-bit stereo. If you’re dealing with higher sampling rates like 48kHz or 96kHz, or higher bit depths like 24-bit or Renoise’s default 32-bit recordings, then it could easily be more than double that amount of data. Even smaller sub-selections of this could result in gigabytes of data that needs to be processed. Things are simply a bit more intensive and tricky to deal with at this extreme end of the spectrum :]

Nevertheless, maybe something can be improved here if we learn more about your system, and try to see exactly where the problem stems from.

I get the “out of memory” warning quite a lot myself. I’ll try to remember check my system info and some example situations when I visit the studio next time. I know my computer isn’t the latest state of art machine, but still it’s a bit bleh when I’m able to record, edit and mix a whole band album on Cubase whereas making my xrns-files past ~300-500mb starts giving the memory message. Guess it’s because Renoise saves all sample data, recordings and edits separately every time and somehow this stores up the memory. I’ll get back to this once I have accurate data!

Renoise loads and processes everything in memory, Cubase most likely uses DFD (that is more suitable for working on large files) which is currently not supported by Renoise.
And when loading stuff in memory, you get memory polution, even if stuff is being removed, the system kernel drivers are the ones managing the memory and these guys do not always clean up your memory gaps as nicely. This becomes really clear if you are working with larger data that goes beyond the 500MB and 1GB boundaries. I noticed this quite a bit when working with Symphonic Orchestra and loading huge amounts of patches into memory. Unloading no longer used patches doesn’t always clear up memory in an instance and remains reserved and worse:when you load another patch, the kernel accumulates a new block of memory instead of using the free reserved memory. And this was even while i was using DFD inside the East West plugin!!!

For me it helped to save my work often and in between, restart Renoise once in a while.

Renoise3b6, Windows7 x64, Lenovo y580 i7 2.3Ghz, 8GB RAM dont use page file.
sample: 44100Hz 32bit. Tryed to trim 130min to 90min and have about 3-4GB ram taken by other programs.

My point in this topic is why I cant use trim on large sample but copy the same part and paste into new sample is working (after that I delete the original sample).
Just thought that’s strange and I should write it :)/>

Renoise waveform editor is great.

That is definitely not a smart idea to do when working with large files in memory.
Got a big fat BSOD when running Virtualbox in that manner.

Just saying…