Largest Drum Sample Library On The Web

saw this link in another forum

and with the ability to create renoise instruments,i thought these could be usefull for others here

thanks for the heads-up!

edit: ah, that’s one of the links in the irc chan topic. very nice but takes a bit of patience to dl unless you donate i guess.

ohh didnt know it had been posted here,i havent downloadet from there yet myself,so dont know how fast it will be :(

i haven’t seen the link here on the board myself… i got it via the irc channel. i seem to remember being able to download around 10 kits before there was some kind of limit. so if you know what you are looking for, then it’s no problem. (=

the dl speed was fine i think. if you donate then you can download it as one fat pack! gotta get some moneysz on mah paypal account!


i’ve grabbed all packs you may download for free, 122 in total. maybe i forgot one or two, … anyway feel free to grab repacked from here : kb6.rar.