Another experiment by Daito Manabe, the one from the famous youtube movie where he stimulates electric pulses on his face with music.

Messed up the embed code, yo. Here’s the link:

The maze is my favorite part.

fixed it. :)

That’s impressive shit… that dude’s going to go on to big things

Awesome. These Japanese really can do some crazy shit!

Wow–how did they get the laser to track things?

This uses the same technology that a UPC scanner uses… there’s a sensor that points in the same direction as the laser looking for variations in the brightness of the dot… and when it crosses a certain brightness threshold, it knows it’s found an edge. At that point, the software instructs the cervos controlling the laser to move in a different direction… this results in the seemingly intelligent behaviour you see. I used to do demos like this in visual basic all the time… here’s a 2d pseudophysics engine I wrote that does the same as his hand-bouncing demo, minus the realworld interaction:

The part where he tries to catch the laser, and instead, it starts crawling up his arm…
That would just freak me out: GET OFF ME, YOU FREAKING DOT!!!

ahahahaha… make it seek eyes and camera lenses… now THAT would be impressive and useful! :D :D

Whoa! wtf?! That was awesome. I really dug the bouncing around in his hands part.

wow, megacool!