Last Chance To Send Me Your "theme"

As I already sayed, I would like to make a poll wich default theme (colorset) we should use for the final release.
Some were not very happy about the last bright default theme that we`ve used.

So, if you have a sexy theme on your HD that just waits to be shared, send it out now !!!

The very best is already there :) It’s called “clear day”.

Don’t know who is maded it but its waayyy best! :)

I like the theme.

send it to to whom?
to you taktik? ok… :D

I like dark.xml (I think that is the old default-skin though, isn’t it?.. ;))

Yeah, “clear day” is the best, most others are too dark

Loolarge / Ivo

methinks it’s too bright :P

I like the DefaultTheme.xml the most… with font antialiasing turned off. :)

I like the new grey-smart and the celsius theme. But I love my own Theme the most :)
Already sended away. Getta blast when you see it :P

streetvibes theme is the best. :)

Who cares… :rolleyes:

There’s a poll, right?

i can make improved version of “clear day” B)

Hi, Toa!!!

Thank’s to have chosen my Theme!!!

Yes Streetvibes.xml theme is the best!

yep! I like the “dark” theme, too! very additive…


I think it should be this theme: (Red)

But then it should be used in the actual version of Renoise and not Renoise 1.0 :)

Clearday beats other themes hands down and legs tied. :)

that red theme looks awful yuck
you better vote “keith’s bluebox” theme for president! hehe
and what’s wrong with darker themes?
working for hours at a program with a bright appearance makes my eyes go :blink: and no, it’s not my monitor / refresh rate.

ahhw, there is my lil’ bebe :D

Ok, I give up. Seems that we never find a colorset that is accepted by everyone …