Last Couple of tracks


Here’s the last two tracks that are part of a “set” - basically, all these were worked on around the same time a few months ago, as I was working (well, still working :-P) to figure out how to use Renoise. Loads of learning/fun, also the first time I have tried to make a set of tracks that are meant to fit together. All 5 are in aplaylist on Soundcloud. Hope you enjoy and, of course, all feedback welcome!

Not actually the end, contrary to the title :stuck_out_tongue: :

The actual end . . . also, ALL HAIL RENOISE!!!

You have some kind of freshness despite (kinda) oldschool… i don`t know… i like it

Obviously making music is fun to you

Thnx M8 - lol, yeah, it is rather old school vibe, isn’t it? . . . think I just got old . . . making music is fun again - I took a long, long break before I found renoise b/c was getting discouraged/it just started feeling like work . . .good to be back :slight_smile: