Last Night Dream...

This morning, i woke up at the end of a strange dream : I recieved a TB303 that i had just bought on eBay, and when I opened the box, I saw that the synth was not a 303 but a fucking clone with a soooo weaked sound…

I was totaly aggrieved because I didn’t even remember why the hell I purchased it : I payed it 1800€ and now i was dead broke. And I also remember that two friends were with me when i recieve it, and they were laughing at me.

And then i woke up, and i realised that I was in my bed, that I never bought a TB303, and that i was still a little drunked from the evening before.

But still : any psychanalyst here ?

Two nights ago I dreamt that I had a theremin and played it like Clara Rockmore. Maybe I should buy one… :)

Last night I dreamed that my boss bought me a brand new iMac.
When I woke up, I remembered I wasn’t dreaming :D:D:D:D

last night i dreamt there were giant wolves and a massive ant-eater/ankylosaurus trying to come close to me, though I stood on a car and made loud noises to scare them away. then looked for my shotgun, which i apparently owned, that was in my gunsafe, which i also seemed to own. i never found it, but i did find two offspring of my 14-year-old dog and a dachshund that were about the size of kiwis. they hadn’t had water in two months, so their bodies were being digested by ants and a single maggot. after wandering through the party, which i was now at, i decided to leave. on my way to my car, a massive crowd stood watching a concert in front of city hall. police in riot gear proceeded to disperse them. eventually, i played an 88-key piano which had a beat playing as well, the tempo of which i could automate with a touch sensitive spot labeled with an image of a razor blade.

I’m somehow different than the rest of you guys. I dream only about pretty females.

unconsciously used google to find a girl i’ve been missing. changed to: was looking at jackets when Biz Markie walked up also looking for a certain jacket he was upset cuz the jacket was gone, he showed me a clipping, and i said there was nothing in the clipping. and i said he must be more interested in the pattern of the jacket. then i went off walking through the giant store searching for a pair of brand new free socks. this place turned into a giant church-like building so i relearned how to levitate inside it and surfed through the corridors, i went to an opening where i had alot of room and i proceeded to left myself off the ground higher and higher, then stopped realizing the distance from the ground.(was strange thinking back that i thought i needed to do that) walked out the door to see severed cartoon heads with flys. didn’t like that so walked back in and through a corridor to pass a group of people in a circlular meetingway off to the side on a open connected strairways structure walked further down the corridor. changed to: a place in the middle of nowhere probably much like the desert-like areas of the southwest in america. inside a makeshift hut watching a video, when a friend told me someone was standing near us outside of the hut.

Yeah, strange… usually they dream about me… :P

And how often you dream this particular dream? :D

“Why oh why didn’t I take the blue pill?”

I think this is appropriate here: ;)

I had a dream last night that I won $6000 on a gameshow and was able to buy an ipod touch, a mixing board and a midi controller! yay!

i dreamt i blew up a fern looking blue balloon from i think about a meter across the room. then tied the end of the balloon from the inside for a friend’s child. then looked at it to see if it worked, looking at the inverted end it looked like an outie. the kid was pretty excited, which was cool. :D

i had a dream my mom won two ipods last night, and I wanted one, but she didn’t feel like giving it to me.

I can’t remember what I dreamt last night, I rarely can, but I remember enjoying it.