Last time asking: Will Renoise eventually support smooth slides on VS

I definitely consider Renoise capable of doing it, but smooth slides require a lot of values which means:higher LPB rate to raise the interpolation scale.
The Advanced edit is perhaps not capable of interpolating midi pitch values (which you would definitely need when you have a bunch of lines that need an interpolated range of figures and i suspect this is your biggest problem), but Lua scripts inside Renoise allow you to develop such a tool. (Like the one Afta8 is offering you)

What version of Renoise is required for this option? I’m using 2.5.1 and it doesn’t seem to be working. Ugh… I wonder what option will be broken with the new version–every time I upgrade, there’s something that’s not working “right” that they claim is the new way that’s the right way. The last time I upgraded, I had to switch to this stupid new way where I have to constantly check and uncheck “chord mode” just to enter notes into a pattern without it constantly going to the next track. Maybe that’s fixed in the new version, no probably not, it’s the “new” way that’s supposed to be so much better…

What options am I going to lose in the upgrade? The Renoise team likes to change the way some options work, sometimes gutting options completely to make way for a new methodology, so what am I going to be losing when I upgrade? What can I prepare to pull my hair out over… oh wait I have a shaved head… LOL

Oh, so the answer is actually NO, it can’t do it. Ok, thanks. It’d be nice if the Renoise team eventually found it to be important, since slides are one of the most very basic musical functions ever.

I’m still trying to look into the option that afta8 is trying to show me, but I’ll need to upgrade Renoise first, and I’m a little worried because every time I upgrade, something I used a lot gets changed, sometimes gutted.

You need version 2.8.1 for this to work, A LOT has changed since 2.5.1, with tools scripting Renoise can be a total geekfest!
Anyway I think you can run both along side each other, so if you have license coverage try it out, you may like the changes. Failing that there is always Ableton… ;)

Ok, that seems to be working. It’s an interesting workaround. It may not be sufficient for every situation, but it definitely gives me a LOT more options. At least I hopefully won’t just give up on the song immediately when a slide is needed now.

Thanks very much. :)

Hmm, I guess it WOULD work in just about any situation if I use automation to adjust the inertia… It’s still a lot of steps to do something that, in my opinion, should be as easy as entering notes because it’s a basic musical function, but THIS is a LOT easier than the crap that others were trying to tell me to do, crap that STILL never actually created a smooth slide. This is an amazing workaround as far as I’m concerned.

Again, thanks very, very very, VERY much!

By the way, not everyone writes techno, house, trance, or dubstep, or some other EDM, not all electronic music is EDM, not every instrument everyone wants to use is some sort of “synth”. I’m trying to do slides on strings, bass, and other instruments, mainly bass, as I often start my songs with the bassline. If you think I should go and spend tens of thousands of dollars on special sounds that have a “glide” option, go ahead and send me the money, thanks.

Wasn’t expecting that post to go on a new page. I just want to make it clear how thankful I am to afta8 who gave me such an awesome workaround! Thanks Afta8!!!

Also useful for me. Thanks Afta8.

Cheers folks, thanks for the appreciation

Must also give a big thanks to Kraken/Gore for his Inertial Slider - That provides the magic!

You should consider trying Cubase sometime, the note expression and articulations added in version 5+ are great for what you’re doing.

Woah-woah - where can I get this ‘Insert inertial slider’ tool? :o

One other thing, if you create an additional track and put a keytracker device on it you can use it to set the pitches of the destination notes. You might find this easier than entering them from the command table. See the attached for an example (it uses the free Synth1 as an example VST).

P.S. Mods - maybe this thread should be moved into tips & tricks?

My guess is that it’s a home project of his.
It’s pretty easy to make though, you might want to look at my insert-dsp-search-while-typing plugin called SirDanceALot… (source code here). There exists also a slight chance I might update this tool sometime in the near future such that it’ll automatically make a “inertia” device out of the formula since it’s the only formula I use nowadays.

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I know about the inertial slider. afta8 had a tool in his video called ‘insert inertial slider’
which allowed him to add it with one click. Tried looking for it but no dice.

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See the attachments on this post

Oh, my bad you guys. Totally missed that. Thanks alot though!! :)

Here’s a variant of the inertial slider with that gives you more control around the glide sweet spots. On high settings you can have reeeeeeaaaaally long slides, great for buildups etc…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
<filterdeviceclipboard doc_version="0"><br>
  <deviceslot type="FormulaMetaDevice"><br>
    <selectedpresetname>Slew Limiter</selectedpresetname><br>
    <customdevicename>Slew Limiter</customdevicename><br>
      <formulaparagraph>mix(A, OUTPUT, (1-B)^3)</formulaparagraph><br>
      <functionsparagraph>function mix(a, b, w) </functionsparagraph><br>
      <functionsparagraph> return (a*w)+(b*(1-w))</functionsparagraph><br>
      <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
      <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
      <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
      <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
      <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
      <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>

Watch out! That one has the phrase " B)" in it, which because of forum policy becomes " B)/>/>"…

Ah yes, looks like someone fixed it though, thanks whoever done it :)

Must remember to put code in code tags!

Round of applause to everyone for their patience in trying to help kizzume even when he was frustrated, arrogant and trying to hold renoise to ransom :)