Late Night Volition

Renoise 2.5 as my main DAW, FXpansion’s Strobe VSTi to create almost every sond except the drums, and a TR-909 Sample pack for the latter.

Any tip on the mix would be nice :D

This is a good track with great elements and atmosphere. The intro vocoder part gets a bit too busy with the drums in the end for my taste, but I guess it’s also buildup for the bass?
I would rather extend the intro/make it less busy and keep the vocoder buildup for the second time around - but as I said, that’s just me.

The mix overall is pretty good. Perhaps reduce the liquid bass volume, or EQ a bit down in the 300hz area to reduce rumble?

Awesome bass

Yeah I gotta work on the final build up, it does sound a tad crowded, thanks for the tips! :D

great job on the dub here. like the raw sound of it. Made me move like van Damme :D