Latency compensation

If you stack upp a lot of vstfx in a chain you will get some nasty latency.
So what if you could add a finetune ms option like the midi has,
but for the instruments and vstis that goes through these fxchains?

Would make life easier :D

i think renoise already compensates the midi-timing to direct-x timing.

i use a groovebox (Roland MC-505) in combination with several VST-instruments, the timing is simply perfect :rolleyes:

(my midi-interface is a MidiSport 2x2 usb)

What i meant wasn’t that the audio latency didn’t match the midi latency.

But that if you stack up several audio effect plugins serial,
you will get a plug in latency (qbase/logic has plugin latency compensation).

Just try layering up 5-10 desent plug ins on one track,
and pretty soon you will notice that its not even in sync,
with the internal stuff rns stuff (rns sampler with no fx).

On the other hand there is a midi problem with timing (not latency),
that shows up when using high latencys on your soundcard.
(but thats a diffrent story)

btw. we use MidiSport 4x4 usb, ,and a proclass soundcard (wamirack).
so it isn’t the hardware.