Latency on live recordings

I started working on a track and recorded some guitar without any noticeable latency problems, but a day later when i tried to record some more the latency was suddenly very high. I tried restarting the PC, but latency was still horrible. Then i turned off all the effects on all tracks, but still the latency suck balls.
I’m not sure if the problem is caused by Renoise, could perhaps be my sound card, but i checked the settings and it’s set to 5ms which i’m not supposed to notice. The experienced latency is probably more like half a second or more.
The cpu usage is less than 5%, so that shouldn’t be an issue. I also turned off most of the apps running in the background.
I can’t understand what i may have done to cause this. Any ideas?

I figured it out. It seems that if i use certain vsts it’s not enough to deactivate it, it must be completely removed to be able to record at normal latency. This is quite inconvenient, are there any chances this will ever be fixed?

It’s technically required to keep the deactivated plugin “registered” in the chain, for on/off automation of the plugin. But I totally agree that we also need a real “disabled-mode”, which then is not automatable. e.g. on modifier-clicking the on/off button. But Taktik does not seem to be a fan of this idea at all.

…And I can understand him, from a programmer’s perspective, because the chain is a simple numeric array. So how to handle a plugin which should disappear from the chain then? Such additions seem to require a deep overhaul of the base structure in Renoise, which is quite old.


I’ve had a similar problem with some plugins. The solution for me is to untick “Automatic Plugin Delay Compensation” temporarily in preferences when doing tasks requiring low latency.


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