Latest Daft Punk track - Get Lucky

What do you guys think about the latest Daft Punk track?

Get Lucky

I love it. Can’t wait till the album comes out. :)

I heard it last Thursday on the radio. Indeed a bit repetative, but it’s Daft Punk alright.

It’s definitely not revolutionary, but it’s catchy. I’ll take good songs over no songs.

Good stuff. It’s mature, but not adventurous. It’s a very “adult” piece of music - there’s not really anything you can criticize about it, but it doesn’t surprise you either.

The collaboration nod to Niles Rodgers role in the history of music is pretty cool.

Yeah. Didn’t listen to the full track yet, snippets - and the first 6 minutes or so from the loop:

I’ll just put that on when I get in trouble at my first gig. :P

Doesn’t sound that great to me…

A new track got leaked :-

Josti band shit??

‘Get Lucky’ could use some more variation in my opinion but it’s really funky.
that talkbox/slash vocoder signature sound never gets old. really dig the ‘lucky’ in this part which begins nonexistent and builds up to the gliding ‘lucky’ at the end.

overall: very good track that makes me happy or ‘lucky’ this summer.

I was looking up live performances of the song. There’s this really funny first performance by Pharrell where he sings along to a backing track and then is like “okay, I’m going to do that again” … then does it again… and again … literally 3 or 4 times.

Not much of a performance (it’s like karaoke with the backing track doing 95% of the music), but I just found it hilarious. It’s like being at a freakin rehearsal or something. Or maybe he’s in that period where you’ve just finished a track and can’t stop listening to it on repeat.

Here’s a remix with Billy Jean…

For me it is nothing special. Not far as catchy and quite-house-sounding as the classics “one more time” etc.

My piano cover of Get Lucky.


I’ll go ahead and just say it: this album is terrible

They hired a bunch of extremely talented session musicians to play really bland kitschy songs. Quite a few are cringe worthy even.
I’m really dumbfounded as to how some critics are giving this thing a perfect score. It must be to spite modern EDM or something.

my prefered version

Haven’t heard the album myself, and I am not a daft punk fan, but I will give them that they practically birthed modern EDM. The compression/ducking tricks, disco 4-on-the-floor homage/ripoffs, etc., they pioneered were evolved by justice and deadmau5, which begat everything a lot of the modern complextro stuff. So if anything, overly rosy probably reflect their retrospectively-important role in modern edm.

They were the first house band to become hugely popular. I don’t think they pioneered anything. They actually lowered the bar in terms of musicianship with lazy sampling:

What self-respecting musician would sample an entire chorus? I don’t care if they cleared the sample, it is still shameful in my book. As much as I hate Skrillex’s music, he is still writing his own songs.

I enjoyed their first 2 albums as they made good party music, but they have been credited for way too much. They have said all sorts of extremely condescending things in interviews about this new album, and combined with the schlocky music that is actually on it, makes them really repulsive to me. Music journalists have been far too kind to this album, and many clearly enjoy the idea of it more than the music itself.

Haven’t given the rest of the album a careful listen yet, but Paul Williams reprising his Phantom of the Paradise style/themes on “Touch” in an epic 8 minute odyssey of a track justifies the album’s existence. So awesome…