Latest track: Jonestown

Just finished with Renoise :


Your style makes me think of VNV Nation, Wolfsheim, and Project Pitchfork (the more atmospheric tracks).

Really digging this stuff.

Where do you get your samples (drums/instruments)?

That’s funny because I don’t listen to PP at all… Wolfsheim is ok and VNV Nation somewhere in between. I will check some of their albums.

The instruments are basically U-he stuff (Repro, Diva, Hive), Zynaddsubfx and other stuff which is available on Linux. Samples for drums I take from here:

And I use the overtone plugins:


Woah! Those KB6 samples are a treasure trove of awesome. Thank you for sharing that link!

I went ahead and made the 10 Euro donation to get the full collection, hidden sets, and March bonus set. Seems like it was worth it.

Yup, the drum samples are great, but some are better than others and they are often not well labeled, but for this we have Sononym :wink:

I improved the mix a bit:

My biggest problem is always to get the kick and bass right, but at least meanwhile I use bass. My older tracks are completely lacking in bass and lower frequencies.

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i dig it man !! im curious as to which are your influences ! mixdown its clean its sounds good on my speakers and headphones

Thanks. Influences is a good question. Most of the music I hear is really different (Coil, Psychic TV, Current 93, Krautrock like Cluster, Tangerine Dream, Conrad Schnitzler, lots of Black Metal (not so much at the moment), David Bowie, Scott Walker, Dead can Dance, NIN, Ministry, Menace Ruine, Swans, Max Richter, Zbigniew Preisner, Arvo Pärt, etc. etc. … ).

I think this is more or less final now. Kick and bass sound much more better now.