LaunchKey MK2? Make it more usable with my Pad painter

Hi! This is somewhat a “Tool”, but not a traditional Renoise tool since it’s not a LUA or Duplex thing.

I bought a used LK mk2, for all the sliders, buttons and pots on it. And thought that I could make it better fit for Renoise. Since I’m no coder and havent time to learn Lua or get into Duplex, I decided to make it with the only coding language I know. So it’s a Windows only tool.

What can it do then?

  • Put colour on the pads to help remember what you have mapped in Renoise
    You may save different profiles with different colour setups.
  • Also add a little Text label for each pad. These 2 point whas the main feature for this “tool”
  • Added a page to view all the mapped controls on the keyboard - not just the colored drum pad.
    Select a saved Renoise MIDI mapping file to view,
  • See pictures:

What compiler or interpreter do you use?

It’s actually made with Autohotkey and compiled to an .exe file. Autohotkey is limited when it comes to graphics so I had to cheat and trick to make the pads:
An underlying big letter whith link to sub-routine (to open the palette). + a 100% filled progress bar on top.
The round buttons: As the pads + added a black stencil with transparency on top.
Other symbols are standard emojis and wingdings…

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