Launchpad freezes sometimes

Hi Forum,

I use Duplex since one month together with my Launchpad, but now the Launchpad sometimes “freezes” and does´nt recht anymore.
The lights are still glowing but it doesn´t react anymore on Input.

Taking a look to qjackctl it often disapears.
Has anybody an idea or having the same issues?


Is this “sometimes” when you switch between configurations? Because, I’ve noticed too that the Launchpad can take a long time to re-initialize when shutting down a MIDI port (Duplex does this when switching between configuration)

More detailed: it seems that the time it takes to reset is directly proportional to the number of messages that each button has received - for example, if I am using the matrix application with the navigator down the right side, the buttons at the right side have received a lot of turn on/turn off / etc. messages due to the “running light” indicating the play position, and will take much longer time to reset than the buttons in the middle grid.

Since Duplex is just switching the lights on and off, I’m not sure if anything can be done about this (perhaps apart from not shutting down the MIDI port when switching configuration). It seems like an issue that has to do with the Launchpad firmware.

I don´t change the configuration, I´m just using one configuration through a whole performance…

You mention qjackctl, so you’re using Linux I assume.
Does the Launchpad still work with other software?
Does it seem like Renoise, and/or scripting in Renoise is the culprit? - try running without any tools…
When it disappear from qjackctl, does it disappear from the Renoise MIDI preferences page too?

Questions, questions…

Yes, youre right. I´m running a Linux machine. At first i thought it would, but in Mixxx it freezes too.
Even my DJ-Controler.

In Mixxx i get the Message:

PortMidi found host error.

I think I´m only not able to find the right keywords to google for^^

I just reinstalled the OS and everything works fine ;)