Launchpad Pro - Poly Aftertouch doesn't trigger AHDSR release

Hello everyone,

I’m using a Launchpad Pro as my midi controller for the sampler and I notice that when I have Poly aftertouch enabled and engaged while playing a note, the AHDSR envelope doesn’t trigger the release. When I have the launchpad set to either channel aftertouch or aftertouch disabled, the AHDSR triggers as expected. I’m new to Renoise and I’m not that familiar with aftertouch either. Anything I could do to get it Poly aftertouch to trigger the release?

Check this out:
I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but the switch on the left must be enabled for recording to save the parameters of poly aftertouch. I don’t know if it has anything to do with AHDSR, which is a sample modulation device.

I think using AHDSR should not influence poly aftertouch behavior.

The poly aftertouch is related to the massive sending of MIDI data.

I checked out my midi settings, and everything is already enabled. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Any thoughts Renoise team?