Launchpad with Renoise?

Hey all,

I haven’t touched renoise since I migrated from Ableton over to Tracktion, but I am strongly considering using renoise as a way to bring my launchpad in as a very simple step sequencer for drums. Thing is, I want just midi notes to be triggered and sent through over to tracktion. I like keeping vst’s running in one DAW at a time. What’s the best method for this, and furthermore, are there standalone softwares that can do this instead of just using renoise?


Check following:


i bought a lanuchpad and the Step Sequencer Tool in February. I work with Cubase and Renoise. If Tracktion has the function Rewire you can make it the same way like me.

I start first Cubase. When i let work Renoise as a slave and start the step sequencer in Renoise. Then I use a Drum VST (for example Battery 3) or the Sample Player of Renoise. After that I route a Audio Channel to Cubase and voila: Renoise and your Launchpad becomes a drum machine application for your favorit DAW.

The problem is you want all VST’s in one DAW. So you have to route the Tracks in Renoise as Midi Channels into your DAW. I haven’t still figured out how to do this with Cubase and Renoise. I think my problem is i have to use Cubase as a slave and Renoise as the master application. Or has someone a better idea?

I would like to use Battery 3 in Cubase, too.

I’m confident I can figure this out, I just need to know the more details of how to enable and actually use launchpad with lauflicht

Okay looks like I’ll be able to get this going because of the awesome support from the creator of lauflicht. If I get some good results I may post instructions on how to get this going. Thanks everyone!