Launchpad X with Renoise

Hello everyone!

I want to learn Renoise and I do have a Launchpad X I would like to use with RENOISE.

I do have Duplex installed and I tried Step Sequencer, but no response from Launchpad.
The only response was triggering notes that I mapped to tracks inside Renoise.

Is Automap influencing the script? I have no idea how to make it work.

I would appreciate any support and explanations.

Thank you!

As far as i know LPX uses a different MIDI mapping from the old models, so it would require editing the Duplex template to receive and send the correct CC and note values.

Would be easy to do, no more than an hour’s work i should imagine. I could have a go but do not have my launchpads to hand for the next month, so would be shooting in the dark, as it were.

Oh that’s sad! I have no experience at all in editing midi scripts…I guess I’ll just live with the hope. Appreciate your reply.