Layering breaks with other breakbeats

Hey! Forgive me if this is possibly an over asked question but how do I layer breakbeats. I want to layer them to get a bigger sound. I have heard people layering breaks such as the tighen up ontop of the amen or the think break on the amen. I have tried a few times but cant seem to get anything that sounds decent.

What are the typical things u need to do to prepare the breaks u are going to layer? Do u have the match the tempos, pitch ect? any responses will be appreciated :)

By the way I am using Adobe Audition 3 to do all my editing.

You can sync the breaks to a certain pattern length with the Sync button under the instrument settings tab.
But the breaks need to be cleaned up yeah, no extra space at the end, so it loops nicely.

When I say layer I mean sticking another break on top of another to create a new sound. Like taking the snare of an amen and layering it with a think snare or a tighen up snare to create a much more fatter sound. :drummer:

I don’t understand what you don’t understand then. I thought you meant layer the entire breakbeat.

What you could try doing is taking two breaks, syncing them to a certain pattern length, and then using the 09XX patterncommand to control the sample offset (so you could take the snare of diff. breaks and layer them)

Chop(Semi-auto slice) the break with the snare you want and then layer it over top the break you want to make fatter…Thats what I would do…


EQualisation + compression + ears. That`s all u need for layering.

Yess this seems to be the way. Im just having trouble with the order of things. Some people say that u should have both samples compressed and then layer them but others say compressing them beforehand can seriously mess the sound up. Also whether or not to preserve duration when pitching up/down. :wacko:

the breaks might already be compressed, depending on the source.

Well basically I get all my breaks from because I thought these were original source breaks. I pitch the think snare down a by semi tones to see how it sounds. when layering them on top of each other I make sure the peaks of each snare match up.

When I try layering the think break on an amen snare the think break seems a bit too dominant. So It possible that it has been edited beforehand but I thought these were all original source breaks and not 2nd gen. :huh:

even unedited the originals could have different volumes. when they made it they werent comparing them, saying no damnit the think is too dominant compared to the amen.

Haha yeah… In the studio smacking their thigh in anger “Why is this think snare so dominant compared to the amen snare!”

Alright I think I understand a little more. thanks :)

Agreed! +1 Make sure you use the last ingredient.