Layering Samples In Instrument Editor

Is there any way to layer samples in the instrument editor?

I want to make drum kits and other instruments with more than
one sound playing from a single note at once. This way I can make
big layered drum sounds and play them live, rather than adding
more layers after.

layering is currently not implemented. you should use a VST/AU sampler in the meantime.

You can also enter the sounds you want to layer into tracks
balance the volumes and render selection to sample.

shortcircuit is a nice free vst sampler

I actually have kontakt 2, but I like to use the built in sampler in renoise as much as possible. I just find that it’s faster to work with. Hope layering is considered in the future. Would be really nice for live use too.

I think that’s why they made the changes to RNS2, they’re getting ready for future updates.

I think it would be great if Renoise made their own sampler instrument. Some 3rd party plug-in samplers are CPU friendly while others are not.

Like Reason, developer made built-in instruments would take full advantage of being coded right into the program for maximum efficiency and compatibility.

Personally, I am very happy with how well Renoise 2 handles AudioUnits plug-ins. It seems to handle them with better efficiency than certain other programs (Digital Performer for one).