Layering synths Fast - changing Instrument (vst)

Hi so here i am trying to layer up some synth parts, I have an arpeggio sequence happening on Trk 1 - with its own instance of Korg Wavestation running for one sound

I now want to double this part but with a different patch on the Korg, what I’m doing is duplicating the track and changing the instrument number on every line ! Surely there is an easier way of doing this ?

As always thanks in advance - I really like this forum and everyone has been extremely helpful in putting up with my questions

Sorry guys just figured it out - ctrl alt D > Advanced edit - swap instruments - ! excellent !

There is also the nice tool “split into several tracks”, which can split up chords or drumsets to multiple single tracks. But it lacks of an automatic instruments number changing (since you should not use the same instrument on different tracks, but a copy of the instrument instead. otherwise you will get problems with track dsp).

And also a note mirroring tool, which automates this process, It’s also a bit buggy.

“sync all notes in group”