Layout Brainstorming

How can the layout be improved? To adapt in best way possible to any upcoming features. To fit more information on the screen and improve work flow. Is possible even possible to improve the layout in any way?

Here’s a little idea I got in the arranger thread. It might have huge flaws, but I’m just trowing it out here:

For my preference of a vertical clip editor intergrated into the pattern editor (see arranger topic), each channel need more space for buttons and menus… perhaps a volume meter. Also the pattern sequencer gets a few new buttons. - The red area.

Since automation is planned in the clip arranger it isn’t necessary to have it in the bottom frame. The rest of the stuff in the bottom (except DSP) could just as well be moved to the top frame. Some would fit in the blue area, others would need the yellow as well. You’d want to see your instrument slots in some cases, but perhaps not all the time? Instrument settings could probably be moved to the instrument envelopes page since that page would also get more space without bottom frame. That way you can view disk browser, instrument slots, instrument envelopes and instrument settings at the same time, just like now.

Track DSPs would be hard to fit in top frame. Maybe only a simplyfied version would be necessary if a mixer page was implemented? That would be a proper place IMO.