Lazy Chop

Hi ! ( sorry for my english in advance)

Just a very little tweeked behavior of “Add slice” action in sampler make this “lazy chop” ( Akai MPC software terms ) possible.

“Lazy chop” is the ability to add a new slice during sample playback. This micro feature is very convenient.

When sample playing, add slices taping pads/keys on midi controller assigns sample chunks.

Ok…easy to reproduce with Renoise’s sampler so I start to sample some old soul music bars.

Then I check the “add slice” keyboard shortcut and start sample playback with return key… and tap this crtl+K following beat…

… arg !! noooooo

Renoise add slice at last cursor position during playback and not at playhead pos… fully useless so

Devs, just few code lines for this little behavior , pleaaaaase :wink:

( I dont know lua but I try to figure out how to add this action, so I read lua API, sadly it seems reading playhead position in a sample is not existing… Am I right ? )

Yes, I think this would be nice!

Like beat mapping a freely performance… Ctrl+K or just K or S, as sample plays (Hit return button in sample view)

Here is another crazy idea:

place a kick sample as you listen to freely sample (pattern view, another track)

split at kick position (is it possible?)

or chop plugin. Say chop for 16 slices. You listen to sample and move slices. After you need to place another new, push scroll mouse button to continue from current position