Lead Sounds

What’s happening everybody?

How do you get some really nice lead sounds? Is it possible to draw them or do you have to get vst’s and samples elsewhere? Any ideas where a good depository of such sounds could be?

I suggest you get additional vst(i)s and samples. Of course you can edit the samples that comes with renoise but that’s quite limited.

Check Out www.kvraudio.com and search for free VST instruments.
There are more instruments then you will probably use.

I really like dealing with samples.

Has some absolute legend got together a couple of hundred awesome basic waveforms and computer game style sounds?

I drive myself crazy searching for them. I would have thought they would be all over the joint.

So, if anybody has any tips in that regard, I’m all ears.

I guess I should spring for the full renoise. I take it then you can grab vsti output as a sample via resampling? Probably the way to go.

Renoise has “render to sample” function. That’s not possible in demo version though. That’s quite handy when you want to sample vst instruments.

I’m not sure what you are looking for but i have seen some nice vsti’s that sound like game consoles. Just check the kvraudio which was mentioned earlier. You can find good selection of free vst(i)s too.

Something like this maybe?

wow, that plugin is something special. And that freeware page on the site is packed with cool things. much obliged!

If you like dealing with samples, There are some cool ones in BYTE-Smashers signature:


If u want some old nintendo sounds all u have to do is make a new sample in renoise and draw a square wave form, sine wave form or a saw wave form. Then use effects and stuff to brighten it up. I find using a synth like ablino 3 is good for this kind of thing. they have a really good arpegiator in there. u can create some nice game sounds in there! (:

One of the many free sample/sounds out there where you can search through vast library : http://www.freesound.org/

Check also Gmedia Oddity, lovely arcade sound-emulator synth!