Leaked: All phone numbers in the world

10 FOR X = 0 to 10000000000000000000
30 GOTO 10

Oh shi… My bank card number too! Better burn up everything! Pulls the panic lever

And all my pincodes!

all my phone numbers start with 0 - not leaked. :P

News flash: All your innermost thoughts were obtained via this method too…

Don’t worry… Very few people know basic these days.


Unfortunately I already used it to read everyone’s thoughts, EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU… You’ve got some explaining to do. :wacko:
Especially this one:

Any chance you can explain this, shr?

^^ hahah nice :D :D

like this?

Where’s “NEXT X”?

removed for security reasons :lol:

You leaked all our Renoise keys, there goes our licenses!