Learn Mode For Hydra

It would be easier to use Hydra device if it hadlearn mode, like:

Click on learn button.
Click on slider - slider is connectedto first unassigned hydraslider.
Modifier-click on different slider positions to set min and max values.

Repeat for next slider.

Also color coding like in midi mapping would be good, but that would be even better if different colors could be assigned to different devices.

It’s kind of a lazy thing if you ask me.

What they should add is the ability to link the hydra between tracks. I don’t think it’d be too hard to implement with drop down menus.

------track #/name—DSP-----Param
Out 1-------3---------filter3----cutoff
Out 2----drum2------delay-----send


Yes it can be done manually, I was thinking about a scenario where you have may effect on track, possibly same ones, like filters, and want Hydra to control multiple parameters. You would not have to remember what filter3(3) does and choose all of different parameters separately, just click on learn button and go clicking all the sliders and buttons you want to control, then deactivate the learn mode.

Maybe I’m just a lazy dude. ;)

Nah, I’ve gotten into some pretty intense Hydra setups myself, and I do agree that there are moments when you can get a little bit lost in the heat of the moment. In my case, I don’t think a learn mode would be the ultimate answer though. Rather, I’d prefer the ability to take the generic (and often meaningless) DSP device instance names such as “Foo Bar (N)” and rename them to something more useful. Deciding whether I should be aiming for “LFO - Synth Cutoff” or “LFO - Synth Reverb Colour” is instantly much more meaningful than “LFO Device (1)” or “LFO Device (2)”.

This device rename feature has of course been suggested before, but I think this post helps to highlight once more how useful it would be.

renaming the dsp instance names would be a nice feature and make it more usefull/easy to use

Wouod be so nice to have one hydra device controllling multiple dsp effects on different tracks

The learn mode is not so hot, but I like the renaming idea and of cause the control over more tracks than just one.

Btw… Quite good ideas spinning around here lately… I hope the next upcoming version of Renoise will have some of those implemented ;)

Yea I remember that, renaming been here numerous times for a long time now. I was thinking the same, but since it has been suggested millions of times and general consensus is that it would be really handy but still it has not been made possible I suggested this.

One thing that could somehow help is putting preset name after device name. Not as easy, but used right would do the trick. Caveat is that everyting must be saved as presets, which is not that nice.