Learn Renoise From The Ground Up

Been a reader of these forms for a while! I must say thank-you for all the awesome info I find here!

I have a fair amount of experience in several DAW’s but Renoise blew my mind. :panic:I was floored by the way it did things and wanted to learn it, but I found this to be hard having never touched a tracker. :wacko: Eventually (after several attempts to really get into it) I figured out everything I wanted to know and produced an album. A while after this I decided to make a series covering everything I wish someone had just told me. I hope to help other who are trying to wrap their mind around this awesome way of thinking. I have seen a number of posts of people who just give up learning it, and I want to try and help these people especially.

Link to the playlist:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOMuI-j1vRxRtJsLU4Ojbz257PtuUU-k4

  1. What is Renoise :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv9T1fYA-oA&list=PLOMuI-j1vRxRtJsLU4Ojbz257PtuUU-k4&index=1

  2. The main components of Renoise :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICddcFunSKU&list=PLOMuI-j1vRxRtJsLU4Ojbz257PtuUU-k4&index=2&t=761s

  3. General Sampler Tab and Keyboard Focus :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMXsQ2kPibE&list=PLOMuI-j1vRxRtJsLU4Ojbz257PtuUU-k4&index=3

  4. Chopping Samples and Syncing Drums :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqV8966N8Qo&list=PLOMuI-j1vRxRtJsLU4Ojbz257PtuUU-k4&index=4

  5. Create a small song with explanation :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9Vw4qvLIgg&list=PLOMuI-j1vRxRtJsLU4Ojbz257PtuUU-k4&index=5&t=25s

  6. Using FX Text :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qehBr0PysQo&list=PLOMuI-j1vRxRtJsLU4Ojbz257PtuUU-k4&index=6

  7. Automation :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCH4zaQvmuI&list=PLOMuI-j1vRxRtJsLU4Ojbz257PtuUU-k4&index=7

  8. Free Tools and Extended Functionality :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJR1JwIqH1c&list=PLOMuI-j1vRxRtJsLU4Ojbz257PtuUU-k4&index=8

  9. Making a jungle or breakcore like track (I mean, 40 min. of writing a track. I typically take around 6 to 8 hours to write a track): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJlRbtcqopU&list=PLOMuI-j1vRxRtJsLU4Ojbz257PtuUU-k4&index=9

Congratulations on your great work!Making videotutorials about Renoise requires a lot of time and patience.I had a similar experience. Although I had known Impulse Tracker extensively many years ago, I had difficulty learning everything I needed with Renoise.

After a while I came across a dilemma. I wanted to make videotutorials in the Spanish language that explained how to use Renoise and all its parts. In my country, Spain, Renoise is very ignored by the vast majority, who are carried away by the DAWs that have more publicity.But that steals a lot of time and I also wanted to learn LUA and the Renoise API to learn how to create tools. So I decided to learn a little about the LUA language. The main move is that I realized that Renoise has hardly any support. It launches a new version with many months of difference, and this is deadly for the followers of this DAW, that they end up abandoning it.It is desperate!

I very much value the selfless effort of some people to devote time to this software without receiving anything in return. Making video tutorials from Renoise is not easy and I think a lot of people are not aware of this.For new people, a help always comes in handy!

If Renoise is very great, it is not for the software itself, but by the people who use and love it!

@Danoise.Do not you think it’s important to enable a fixed forum called “Videotutorials” or Third Party Videotutorials?This thread will end up getting lost in the forums. And I think more people have posted their video tutorials in other forums.

This content is very relevant!

In addition to including a link tohttp://www.renoise.com/tutorials

Maybe if there is a forum dedicated to videotutorials, people are encouraged to publish more content on Youtube. And this is free advertising !!!

Wow, when I saw you had produced a full nine episodes, my jaw went



I think you succeeded in creating a series of tutorials that are well-paced and a nice mix of the big picture (which is always the hardest thing to communicate) and the small valuable details (like learning a few handy keyboard shortcuts).

And you nailed the main appeal of Renoise right to begin with: hands-on sample manipulation!!

including a link tohttp://www.renoise.com/tutorials

Actually, Composing_Gloves’ video was already featured as the first video in the community playlist on that page. But I could ask Achenar to post something on Facebook for further exposure.

This, and the series done by Majed Salih (Medievil-Music) are both amazing tutorials.

Feeling the orange hoodie and hat. Good content. Congrats and thanks!

Thankyou for all the kind remarks!

I also have a more advanced series, as I wanted to make chiptune with Renoise specifically. In it I use Renoise almost exclusively and cover some really interesting topics like how to draw a sound and know what it will sound like and so forth. I thought about posting it separately, but IDK, I almost didn’t even post this thread. Thanks again for the great responses!


@composing_gloves thanks for all of your effort! The all of your videos have been very helpful in my journey to learn production, not just the renoise ones. Thanks again and keep it coming!

This is amazing stuff and in my view exactly what Renoise needs. The learning curve is very steep for folks who either have no or only shallow audio/production background (like me) or who only know horizontal DAWs. Especially the video where you put it all together and show how to make a track is super valuable.

For me, how much educational material and documentation is available for software is as important as the features and functionality. Maybe more so, particularly from the perspective of wider audience appeal and considering how challenging self-teaching is for many people.

I hope you’ll do more of those! Great job, really. Thank you.