Learning About Music And How To Make Sounds

So I just purchased renoise a while ago and have been messing around on it.

I’ve been really interested in the sound waves and synthesizers. I was wanting to begin making my own sounds, not just using presets like Nexus. If anyone has any articles or books or anything to learn more about how waves and programming your own sounds works, shoot me a link! ^_^

also renoise is bomb.


Thank you! what I was lookin for.

i recommend the bottom-up approach. pick ONE synthesizer, play with every possible parameter until you feel you’ve exhausted your experimenting. THEN, consult the manual and online guides. If you start with the synth, then read the manual, you will create an intuitive mental representation connecting the parameters of the synthesizer with the nomenclature used. Start with the manual? you’ll “know” what does what, but being your first synth, you’ll have no idea what to do with this knowledge. best of luck! no matter what approach you take, time is the ultimate learning method.

Yeah I think I’m just gona screw around on some synths until I get the hang of it. Do you know of a good simple osx vst or standalone something that would be easy for me to learn on, or should I just go all out and buy sylenth :blink:

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