leaving instrument number blank in editor, what does it default to for

If leaving the instrument number blank on the note events in a track, which instrument do the notes go to?

Somehow I had the impression that it went sequentially, track1->instrument00, 2->01, 3->02 etc - which is ok, as I just use one instrument per track - but after I reloaded a project today, the notes on track 6 starting triggering instrument 0 instead of 5.

I think I’ll specify the instrument number for all note events going forward, but just curious, as with having all note events in a track always going to a single instrument, I was quite happy to leave the instrument number out for a cleaner looking editor.

If you leave the instrument number blank it becomes a ghost note and should play the last instrument played in the track without resetting the modulation.

thanks, going forward I’ll try to make sure the first note in a track references an instrument.