Led To Indicate Midi Activity

This feature would be handy :
a little led on the pattern track (eg next to its name) to indicate you’re sending midi to that track when you change its corresponding hardware slider/knob.
There’s no visual clue to where you’re sending midi now, only if you put your cursor on the track
AND have the changing slider into view.

And maybe also an option to save midi mappings you’ve made.

There should be a led in the scopes that indicates MIDI signals

But if you don’t notice it, something may be wrong.

Also MIDI mappings should be saved with the song, the positions however may differ when you reload the song while your controls have been tampered in between.

No I don’t have a led in the scopes, so it’s supposed to be there then huh?

which version are you using? even Renoise 1.5.2 has this… also, are you sure it’s not a theme problem? maybe the color of the LED is the same of the scope background?

The led highlights when a note is send to the MIDI device, the velocity also determines the strength of the illumination, the softer, the less illuminated the signal.
Pick the GS wavetable in instrument one and just strike a few notes on track 01 to see what i mean.

I’m using version 1.8.
Changing the colours doesn’t seem to do it, it’s just not there.

Yeah it works with the midi instrument.
Since I’m using a midi hardware controller, I need the led to light up when a midi signal is sent TO Renoise, not FROM Renoise to a midi device.

On the top right

Renoise only got a global input for midi. So there is no way to send midi to a specific track/instrument that is not in focus.
Thats why there is just a input led for all midi inputs in Renoise.

Just remember that this led only showing outgoing MIDI-signals…

EDIT: Ah, Man already noticed that ;)

With my Kenton Control Freak, I can put the cursor on track 10 and send midi data to track 1 and it records it into track 1 just fine. That’s why I found it strange that a led can’t be placed on the scope part of the screen.

I can even insert a VstiAutomateDevice on track 8, put the cursor on track 15, hit play+record, go to the desktop and tweak away and it still records correctly into track 8.

I was thinking about the basic midi stuff connected directly to the current selected instrument (notes, velocity, pitch etc). And that it would be much more useful to have separate input indicators if you could control several things using only one physical knob/slider, or a separate fixed range of physical midi keys etc.
If you use the midi mapper to move sliders, then of course that is possible on separate tracks.
But then I really don’t see the problem? Your physical knobs/sliders are then always stuck to a specific slider. Do you forget where you have mapped them?
Anyway… I’m not against your idea, I just don’t see the big benefit with the current limited midi routing in Renoise.

I just would like to have a visual indicator in Renoise which track it is I’m sending midi to. I was only fooling around with my controller on a basic level and even then I was thinking of this little aid.

Oh and another little item : isn’t it better to have more rows to put track effects data in? Right now, there’s only 4 rows; what if I want to send 8 or 10 different fx changes to Renoise thru midi (or thru other means) and I want it to be a bit organized (ie in different fx rows)? 4 is really not enough imho.

Well, i didn’t understood it this way actually, how many midi controllers would you like to send controls to how many channels?
The MIDI-IN devices are more or less measured, i don’t think Taktik accounted signals from Master/Slave constructions as dividable across scope or track leds.
But it sounds like an idea.