Left Shift in note's FX column does not work

In Pattern Editor: when using shift in TRACK FX column (that’s the one on the far far right in the channel), holding (left)Shift enables your cursor to move to the right so you can enter something like Z01 and when you release the shift it then moves to the next line (or Nth line as set in ‘step length’). But this behaviour is not possible in NOTE column’s FX field - the field enabled as part of vol/pan/dly/fx seting for note columns).

Is this behaviour on purpose or a bug? If it’s on purpose, I would love to know what is the logic behind it.


this behaviour is happening if your cursor is on second of the four fields of the FX column. also, if you start on the first field, with shift renoise allows you to enter TWO characters/numbers and then jumps to next line. Expected behaviour would be to allow you to enter all four fields before jumping to next line.

Also this is a Linux version 3.1.0, if that is relevant for some reason. I have override of keybindings in setting enabled.

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Amazingly, I also discovered this bug just yesterday (making heavy use of note-fx-columns in my new song).

Duly noted :slight_smile:

I think this behaviour is still happening? I’m trying to enter a Rxx command while holding shift like so:

_ _  _ _
  cursor here

But it still only enters _R 00 before skipping to the next line without allowing me to specify x and y. Is this intended or am I doing something wrong?