Legal Question

Ive made a remix of a well known trance song. Do i need approval from the author before i can post it to the net?
What if it says in the name of the song that it is a remix?
Please help.

If you don’t plan on selling it, the worse they can do is tell you to remove it from wherever you are hosting as far as I care.

if i would want to post my remix on the net i wouldnt care to aske anybodys permission :) my remixes are usually quite heavyly modified too, i must add

but if you want to make money with that remix you would be better off iff you would have a permission or some sort of agreement with the copyright owners of the original track… Usually it means that you will have to pay royalty fees from the profit you make.

Yup, go ahead and post. :)

Worst case scenario: They mail you and tell you to remove the file. Which won’t happen, trust me…

I’m no lawyer but it likely boils down to technically being illegal to make a remix of copyrighted material…

HOWEVER, if you make a remix available for free on a small scale then there is no monetary reason why anyone would pursue you legally. If you were A.) making money off of the remix or B.) exposing a significant number of people to a remix that the original artist found distasteful, you would probably find yourself in trouble.

There is probably a direct correlation between popularity and legal action.

So with that in mind I see no reason why we shouldn’t remix to our hearts content and if you come up with something that you think may be popular, then seek out permission to properly publish it.

Okay. Thanks for all the replies.
Guess i post then :)

well, where is the link? :P

I will post it in songs forum :)