Legato (pitch Slide) For Vsti

Hi there
I was thinking and thinking but i didn’t come up with an idea…

how can i make legato between two notes played with any VSTi? I don’t mean the glide feature which some of VSTi’s have, but the thing i was making in old fastracker with pitch slide pattern effects? It does not work with VSTi

thanks for the answer, if there can be one.

Yeah I’m wondering about this as well. The closest thing I found is to use the portamento effect within the VST itself, but I dont have any control over it. :(

either use the pitch/wheel on a midi-keyb or enter the midi values by hand in the following manner>

C-4 00 … 91 xxxx

where 91 is (in the pan row) the actual pitch-bend command and xxxx the pitch values… pitch value 4000 resets…

(or sample the damn fxxxer and slide it… :D )

:w00t: (are these new or have I got problems seeing things?) :eek:

Thanks a lot.

i’ll try that

most of VST instrument have a “legato mode”.

To use it, you have to turn it on ( :o ) and then you have to write the two notes into two different track columns without a note off.

000 E-4
C-4 off

this will (should) do a legato from C-4 to E-4, back to C-4. If you do not put the note off on the second column before the one on the first, some VST instruments will go back to E-4 when the C-4 will be shut off.