Legato -staccato

I have tried to record a vst instrument ( wurli marimba) and when I am playing without recording, I am able to play in staccato (short bouncing tones) as well as in legato ( long tones).

But when I listen to my recording I hear long notes even though I played them short while recording.
How can I record the marimba in staccato??


Note-delays recording disabled.
Record Note-delays during play+record mode. (lshift+`)
Recording notedelays will also record note-cuts so if you release a key shorter than a full row size in time, it will record an Fx value instead of a Dx value in the panning / volume column which will cut your instrument shorter (sending a note-off before the end of the row).


you can also go into rec mode by hitting ESC and then go to the space just underneathe the note you want to be staccato, and hit CAPSLOCK
this enters a “rest” or as renoise has put it “off”
this is what i use to get my staccato, and its easier this way ;)