Legowelt Studio Tour(he's a Tracker guy)

DENIM who I met a few weeks ago here in this forum(very cool guy from Europe), got me into LEgowelt… Check out his Tracker around 12.40… Inspiring…

This inspires me…

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His studio is also very…how shall we say…ridiculously slutty! He’s got some nice bits of gear all around and uses them to good effect…i would prefer my
corner become (or remain) more modest and small. But he makes some great tunes, that has to be said.

yes he’s very slutty lol. two studio’s too. my favorite part was his tracker demo and the Jupiter 8 demo.

he’s known as ‘smackos’ on synthforum .( dutch site )
He also releases under the alias smackos on’ clone’ records
He’s from 'den Haag ’

He sounds like the joker in batman!!!

Why… so… serious?

Some great samples on his site

i love his accent… THey say “yeahhhh” a lot after a sentence eh. I was just surprise he uses Trackers

I find the weird program with a “7” on it very interesting, i believed it when i was younger but now only chuckle at his description…unless its true ( 0.0)!!

hes got all the toys and dunno what to do with it…what comes out is just trash-crap! danny wolfers is one of those lost (techno-) souls… nothing special (sorry for the truth)

yeah …don’t like he’s music either …
der zyklus …biometry …
Now we are talking …
But at least danny wolferes releases a shitload of music
Kudos to that

trash-crap? noooo… no.
well, matter of taste i guess, like everything else… i simply love his “Paranormal Soul” album. top notch stuff in my book. and nice PLANTS :)


Check out dmx krew …lp march to the stars . and wave funk
Sure you’ll like it .
That’s quality shit

sure, dmx krew has good stuff too!
but slightly different vibe than legowelt in my ears, and not too keen on their vocal-based tracks.
good thing we have the freedom to listen to both, then :)

It’s only one guy …Ed upton

What are you talking about? He has a huge discography and on his website he talks about each piece of gear he owns and where and how it was used in a track. Quit drinking the haterade.

Sympatic guy. Need to check his discography…

and order this golden Casio watch :joy:

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