I know sod all about internet ‘warez’ and the like, but a site charging people membership fees and then allowing them to download pirated software?? I thought if you wanted stolen goods it was all mysterious websites and dodgy dealings. Evertime I search for vst’s etc, this site isn’t far away. Renoise is on there (1.9). Isn’t this sort of thing whats makes kids think all software’s free? Imageline for instance have a thing on their website about reporting cracked software and this sites taking the piss under their noses?!

You can never stop the flow of pirated ware, unless people are forced to deal with open cards, the net should be free or it should be regulated, you take the debate :)

But i like this rule, if you like it: buy it!

But i like this rule, if you like it: buy it!

well, that’s the way i do it now. I downloaded a cracked version of z3ta once (the demo pissed me off) I also got a trojan into the bargain. served me right, never again.

I was using a cracked renoise. Then i bought it, because i fell in love with it.

I downloaded a lot of warez stuff in the past when i still had the status of a poor student. I can afford it easily today to purchase things i like, yet still, for software that work with system unique ID’s and challenge codes, i’ld rather have a warez edition along just in case the company gets liquidated and i will not be able to activate my legal license. Also i am not fond of USB dongles so i’ld rather use a cracked copy in those cases as well and leaving my legal copy just on the cd.

The only problem with using cracked versions of dongle protected software is your eligibility for updates gets lost.

The trojans are nowadays risky if you get your stuff from p2p.
Sites like audiowarez or shareordie require payments, but you get trojan free cracks and you can request older apps that are not being shared anymore.

I think that software companies should use protection to a level that does not limit a user to one specific system and requires reactivation after swapping a thing like a CPU, HDD or mainboard.
It is those kind of protections that raise the request for cracked versions instead of getting rid of cracked versions.

For that reason i think that the license type Renoise offers is the most effective one combined with the purchase price.

same here
i bought renoise after trying a cracked version
and renoise is so inexpensive compared to lots of other music making software that isnt even as good
so it was worth paying for the real thing for the updates and the like
and to support the creators of renoise

so should we give away a cracked version of Renoise 2.0? or is it already available? :)

is lemonshare like lemonparty?

We could consider to release a full edition of 1.281 or perhaps even 1.5 when 2.x is being released.

i’ve bought a bunch of videogames in the past few weeks, the ones that were not Valve, i replacce the executable with a cracked version so i don’t have to get out my original cd. so in this case warez are costing the developers nothing, but it is costing them money trying to figure out ways to make it harder for me to play thier games.

when i first bought counter strike a few years ago, i didn’t like it since it didn’t have any non-multiplayer missons, and i hated steam.
now since the last month i really like steam and i have bought a few of their games, and will buy more. the thing that makes me like steam now is how i can have any computer i use have my valves games on them.

this scheme really should be looked into by audio software developers.