Length Of Notes In Edit Mode?


i’m trying to manually enter in the length of notes in edit (record) mode with the up/down/r/l keys and it doesn’t seem like there’s an actual column for the length of the notes…
is this the case?


Length of a note is defined by inserting a note-off on the note column where the note was entered. This is done with Caps-lock (default keys) in edit mode. Learn all about it in here. Ofcourse the note might stop playing prematurely if a sample is not looped or the instrument doesn’t have a sustain point set. Triggering another note on the same note column can also cut the previous note. With samples and native instruments the behaviour can be adjusted in Instrument Settings.

In addition to note-off there is also a note-cut command (“Fx” in the panning / volume column, where X is the amount of ticks to wait to cut the note in that particular row.) you can apply the note-cut at any time or row in the particular subtrack as you would use the note-off command.
A note-cut to a VSTI is send as a note-off while a Renoise Sample instrument is really being cut-off instantly (no envelope fading or release actions are applied even if they are set)

The note-cut command can be applied on tickbasis instantly.
Note-off commands can be applied on tickbasis by using the delaycommand (DX in the volume / panning column)