Let Lfo Device Start At Lowest Value..

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I want the panning to start all left (or right) and go to all right (or left) in 64 lines.
If I reset the LFO the panning starts at the center. How do I set it to start the max- or minimum?

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Custom curve!! Pff, 5 seconds after asking :’)

I usually create custom curves myself, since they offer much more flexibility, but it’s also very easy to reset the default LFO shapes to any position you want. All you have to do is add the position you want to the reset command, for example: x600, x640, x680, x6C0, etc.

When using the default sine shape: x600 resets the phase to the center point and then continues sweeping upwards (to the right), x640 resets to the highest point and then continues sweeping downwards, x680 resets to the center point and then continues sweeping downwards, and finally, x6C0 resets to the lowest point and then continues sweeping upwards.

The other shapes respond slightly differently, but it only takes a few moments to experiment and see what’s happening.

Here’s a very handy animation by vV from a thread earlier this year:

Awesome! Thanks a lot man!

Also, if the default sine behaviour seems a bit strange, here’s what it would look like as a custom shape, so you can see a little better why it responds that way:

an invert switch would be optimal, and so friendly!

Is there any way to do something like this with the flanger dsp?
I’d like that to start at the highest value, just like the LFO device ^^

Unfortunately it’s not yet possible with the Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, or Ringmod (and I’m probably forgetting a few other devices). I would definitely love to see an LFO Device style phase reset function on all devices though, just because I’m a total control freak. :)

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The fact there isn’t total controll often stops me from using such DSP’s… :(

In buzz there was some phase machine where there were slider to manually shift frequencies so that the effect was under total manual control. Boy did I love that effect. Unfortunately I haven’t seen one since. If someone has a hint gimme a link, pleeze. :)

I’ve got exactly the same problem :unsure: