Let's Breakbattle!

Well do we have to use the same break / xrns file? No right?
Then I think most of this is cool… I just have a 87bpm break that will work on 81bpm too, work with 12lpb (maybe 8?) but in actual 4/4 patterns. The break is 8 bars but actually more rendered so to have a proper tail-looping point. So yeah it’s not a problem.
Fuck VSTs indeed cause well i’m on linux right now :P
One thing I have concerns with is no re-renders… don’t know if I’m really gonna miss it but it can bring out cool possibilities to make those weird burping and roaring sounds :D
Number two is only one instrument. That would not work for me, I like to be able to dupe a snare slice and then let it have few different pitch envs or sth. Also just transposing a slice different tunings is more difficult that way…
Oh well we gotta limit ourselves with something. 8 tracks max? (excluding sends)

We definitely don’t have to use the same break. I think using different breaks is an important aspect.

I was under the impression that we were going to be dealing in xrns files and thus passing the same one back and forth, each battle being a single xrns that’s a back and forth between breakers.

Let’s not limit the instruments then.

8 tracks max is more than enough for me.

Ok cool so we can just use a format like 4 patterns each (or something) and then some bpm+lpb commands in master track?
I’m still unsure which beat I’m gonna pick. Everything’s gotta come out of that sample right?

I changed the LPB to 8 if that’s ok? Added my breakbeat, so I guess we can get started :D


Yes and yes.

Wait, we don’t even need to keep the same bpm :) So I would go more for like 85 or 87… we can build in a little extra 2 beats pattern with possibly some fx for ‘break’.

I am going to say no you are not too late.
No word from Lethargik, ninja, or kicko.

How do these rules sound.

time sig: 4/4
Break length: 8 beats.
vsts: none (just because I don’t have any)
renders: 0

THIS IS INDEED SOUNDING ACCEPTABLE. ACTIVATE BREAK SLICING MACHINE. Almost. I could only get four bars <_< Everything else looks good to me though!

4 works for me! PREPARE FOR INSANITY Insanity!

I should also add. 105bpm is also the same as 210bpm as far as I’m concerned. Maybe for the 8 beats to start you can just run your 4 beat break twice.

So how are all of your beatbattles going? I am afraid that this thing could die off. I feel like I was pretty clear on rules. Part of the plan was to agree upon your own rules. Cas, wahrk, 8track, and td6d seem to have got it down. So how you guys doing? I want to hear what you’ve got together.

Yes, actually that was a funny idea, very different than the usual “wankery” provided by compos.

Alright, round 1 is underway!

I’m down. What do I need to do? I can’t promise I’l fully behave though.

Fuck. I haven’t had a spare second to knock this out. Fuck my tetris-y schedule. :wacko:

yourlocalloser, this is a concept too cool for me to just let it die. It begins. :drummer:

Alright insanity for the start! I’ll check it out when i get my beloved compy up to my new place. I just moved up to San Francisco and it’s been a slow move. I should have a reply some time after this thursday.

Can i get a little update on how everybody else’s battles are doing? Are people keeping up with the beats?