Let's Go! - Skolskoly

Hi everyone!

Over the past few months I’ve been finishing up an album that I’ll be releasing in September.
In addition, I have some left-over tracks which I’ll be posting in this thread. Enjoy!

Some more info about the album is on my website.


“Crazy” little toon, i like it

Hey, here’s this week’s track. Even crazier than the last! This one is not quite polished yet, but it’s still kind of fun to listen to.


Not too classic electro track, and that’s nice! I love the small break at 1’45.

This one is from a loop that had been sitting on my hard drive for ages. It’s inspired by the chord progression in destination luna4 by she. I put some work into this yesterday to make it a bit more presentable, but now I almost want to include it on the album. It still needs a bit of cleaning up and mixing though. Will probably finish it up later.


Sounds cool you should definitely finish it and include it in your album