Let's have a 4kb RNS compo!

This idea just came to my mind - why not have a modcompo (RNScompo?) more or less like in the old days - with a 4kb limit on sample data and using only Renoise native effects. With the best song(s) winning a Renoise registration and becoming part(s) of Renoise installation B)

What do you think?

but if winner already has renoise registration?

btw, i think 4kb is too low, coz justt a pattern data takes much more i guess. maybe 32kb would be ok, dunno…

Nice idea!! It was a loooong time since I contributed to a music compo. Hmm… maybe it was The Party 5 or something like that… :)

I believe Paulies idea was 4kb limit on just sample data, not the pattern data… (that would be a challange!).

yeh, but who and how does measure that sample data? 4kb max for each sample? or for all them? then it’s gonna be rns-chip tune compo i guess…

why limiting the filesize to 4k ? what about a 16Mb limit compo and only native effects are allowed ?

The whole idea of 4k compos is “chip”-feeling, but also fast downloading-time for those of us who have shitty internet-connections… Besides, when you’ve only got shitty samples to work with, the whole creativeness kinda gets a sweet little edge! :P

But, why are we having this “lets’ do this! No, let’s do THIS”-discussion at all? Why not have, say, three different compos? One “chip” with 4k/32k filesize limitations, one “release-pack” with 1,5 meg max to be released with the next version of Renoise, and one huge for the high-end guys out there. All to be anounced and voted online.

Waddayasay? Already suggested the “release-pack” compo for Phazze earlier, and he dug it!

(didn’t you?)

Yes! Having those three compos would be really nice way to celebrate the Renoise.com mod-archive launch, don’t you think? :D
Let’s have 'em! Let’s have 'em! They would rock! :guitar:

And yes, I meant 4kB for samples (all of them) without a limit for pattern data as I think an empty RNS file could be 4kB in size (I haven’t tried). Also because I’d love to see how far could our pattern, effect and automation creativity get - with Renoise, chiptunes could earn a completely different meaning…

Oh, and it might be a good idea to have a samplepack for the chiptune compo - that would make chances really even.


Sagosen : I know the advantages of 4kb compos, but I just think the first renoise compo should not be that limiting as you already cannot use vst/vsti’s.

Mickrip wanted to manage a rns compo. maybe he can tell us something about its state ? :)