Let's talk about depth and movement

Hello everyone, first post in a long, long time.

Two things that I still struggle with in my mixes, especially since I tread in mostly aggressive house music, are depth and movement.
Depth in the sense of a track having a ‘3D’ feel so to speak, with elements in the back- and foreground and a large sound stage overall.
So far I’ve been using panning, volume automation and stereo processing to do this, though my tracks still feel pretty flat compared to professional productions.

Movement as in the track ‘breathing’, not sounding static, keeping a dynamic feel in spite of being mixed loud and aggressive.
For this I’ve been also using a lot of automation as well as selective sidechain compression, yet things end up feeling too tight still.
Here is a current demo where these problems still bother me for reference.

What are your techniques to achieve these two elements in your music?
What VST Plugins, Renoise tricks and tweaks do you use to let your tracks live and breathe?