Let'S Vote For New Features!

i’m thinkin’ that an internal synth would be good and/or midi vst support implemented also

Yes, an internal synth and improvements on the internal samples (think groups and envelopes per group, maybe multiple outputs…).

An internal synth? WHY? There’s tons of free VST’s out there. An internal synth would be nothing but redundant.


Like said before, give us the building blocks to build our own synths in a more modular way, please no fixed bloat.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a more modular approach of the dsp chains with ‘combinators’ and multiple routing, instead of using too many sends like today. That would permit people building synthesizers more easily if they wanted to. I don’t think the synthesizing is an aspect the devs should waste their time with though.

And as I’ve said Clips/Sub-Patterns would give us the ability to do just this. As well as things like polyrhythms and give the possibility if arranging and trying out ideas in a different way.

Oh not again!
Renoise is multiplatform, 99,9% of the VSTi plugins is not. Period.

I’m sure that even in the 0.1% there will be a synth you can use.

Why an internal synth? Because it’s so much different to use an integrated one than external plugin. There really isn’t a free equivalent of Ableton’s operator, it’s exactly what I’d like to see on Renoise. That logic is pretty shitty also, why then have any internal effects whatsoever either?

Zoomable pattern editor, and a proper arranger.

yes, i’m sure there is. however, my personal idea of a Renoise native synth has always been that it would be as awesome as everything else the devs have given as, so that 0,1% has to be a pretty damn awesome synth VST for it to be more worthwhile than a Renoise native synth-solution (be it a full-fledged synth, or modular building blocks)

Great logic, let’s apply this to basically anything listed in the poll. Here, exemplified, on the apparently most wanted feature:

Audio Tracks? WHY? There’s tons of other DAWs out there that can do this. Audio Tracks would be nothing but redundant. Surely, there will be at least 0.1% supporting your platform.


mah wishlist: this and a possibility to blow up the automation windows and meta devices as jonas suggested

regarding zoomable pe: i guess it won’t be anytime soon though since it’d need an overhaul of the pattern editor commands since a zoomable editor would make lpb obsolete (it would change depending on the zoom factor).

more powerful pattern commands would be nice… higher resolution and such. would be awesome if pattern commands would be mirrored in drawn automation and vice versa

I disagree, there would still be a default level (1:1) which is the same as current, meaning nothing would change if you didn’t want to use the new way of working and a rewrite of the Song Data xml format would not be needed, which works on Lines. Just because you would be able to zoom in on a line does not mean you have to break any existing functionality IMO, and I would personally say doing so would be a very bad thing.

…because it would mean a Renoise version where songs made with previous versions would not be able to open, which would suck huge amounts of ass.

ah, didn’t mean that it must break any functionality… lpb would be just a parameter in the background. it wouldn’t be immediately obvious which lpb an old track would use in each pattern from the look of the pattern editor because it may be zoomed in.

Well… I’m still in doubt what would I do with zoomable PE. Working with higher LPB is enough ‘zoomed’ for me and I see no reason to zoom out :confused:

I tend to look at features like day and night, which senses are best to match the hour ?. I don’t have the luxury to make daytime noises at night, so…

night-time features to me are more compositional, the ears always utilized but is secondary to the eyes. Emphasis on looking at useful information and visually manipulating that information whilst being able to see both before and after results. Numbers, shapes, etc.

Ironically, during day-time, I prefer to be like a legendary blind samurai. The eyes active but secondary to the ear and sense of touch. I like the qwerty paradigm, its approachable and nearly maintenance free. I transferred these thoughts on the same keyboard which I transfer other thoughts in musical ways. Unique user keyboard modes would be ideal, to some extent its possible through meta devices like the keytracker -> lfo technique, which is insightful to things like a mouse free environment. To summarize day-time… emphasis on minimizing the disruption of ear use by making it easier to manipulate information utilizing the qwerty paradigm.

here goes my vote:

Please… pleaaaase take the 5 minutes development time to easy my sample-editor-pitch-selection thingy request:

It looks so easy to code, yet so handy to have :)

If renoise would have audio tracks, piano roll and better audio routing(which is almost good enough for me), it would be the best tool for music production ever made.