Let'S Vote For New Features!

Please vote! :slight_smile:

other (specify with comments): some other stuff i suggested and can’t remember.


  • Arranger with audiotracks and note-data and automation (here)
  • Simple yet powerful internal synthesizer (similar to the operator in ableton)
  • More complex dsp’s (better reverbs and delay at least)


  • Panning for send devices (!!!)
  • Ability abort render to sample, saving etc. operations
  • this
  • And maybe this

really? i always hear nothing but good stuff about the mpReverb at least, and don’t know what the issue would be with these.
i do have a request for the delay:
and would love something like this: https://forum.renoise.com/t/delay-device-buffer-reset/32374

i agree with all the others.

I think that things like audio tracks et c is part of a feature set of clips, arranging and track editing (pattern matrix won’t do it). That’s the route I hope renoise will take, instead of the devs spending time on adding lots of small nitpick features. Along with that comes perhaps some form of zoomable pattern editor and track grouping. Those things one step at a time.

My most wanted small feature is “Note align” which I suggested earlier ;)

What I least want is the devs wasting time on making a modular synthesizer. Renoise has too much to gain from getting better workflow and arranging as soon as possible.

Should maybe of limited number of things you can vote for…

Others which instantly spring to mind:

Sub-Patterns/Clips. - I see this as even being a viable alternative to an internal synth as at its most basic it could work as a multi-operator synth.
Arranger/Ability to use different length Patterns alongside each other. - Clips above may go some way to solving this and almost make obsolete.
Enhanced Automation Curves. - Bezier or even variable Logarithmic.
We know more Instrument enhancements are coming anyway so will leave any of them out (beyond the Clips type function mentioned above.)
The ‘Doofer’ device. - Meta-device/container for multiple DSPs, presenting chosen parameters for easy control.

Sure there is other stuff that will come to me later…

From the listed I selected:
Audio Tracks
Automation View
Track Grouping

A multiple choice poll with other. So basically a redundant crapflooding version of the “Ideas & suggestions” forum?

I voted other: Devs need to focus on ignoring threads like this and keep doing their thing.

wow that’s rude :slight_smile:

hehehehe, nice.

No matter how much I may agree with this sentiment in some way I don’t believe they are against anything that may help collate the greater desire for features of the userbase, nor people discussing the possible future directional development of the software.

I voted viewable waveforms in the pattern editor, pianoroll and besides that I wish renoise had the old instrument box back, the buttons but also the multiple samples in instrument.The buttons for semitones up/down in multi-instrument was nice too !!!

I voted other, i want to be surprised.
renoise still cant do this…

DSP grouping in single device, with dry/wet.

Ahh yeah, the ‘Doofer’ device. Added to my list ;)

yes, i knew something important was missing!

voted for audio tracks. most things I need are already implemented :)

Voted: Audio Tracks, Track Grouping, (Modular structure - not very high priority; a ‘doofer’ device would do)
Other: Polishing existing features - many of those small suggestions made in the Ideas & suggestions section.

Renoise cover a lot of ground that I need every day, it’s great for various types of tasks. What I would like to also have in it are different type of views besides standard tracker view (piano and drum roll, for example, also wave view if it’s somehow possible) and something like sequencer view, where you can sequence tracks, patterns and note block in a direct fashion, using just keyboard, playing them like notes and arranging song live or off-line. Also routing should be more powerful with group tracks, or special tracks like buss tracks (variant of send track).

I’ve voted for the “zoomable” pattern editor.

For “others” features I’d like renoise to be able to :

  • use bigger fonts in vst/vsti/dsp/disk/sample/instruments listboxes instead of those small fixed size fonts

  • import the hard disk’s plugin tree structure inside the renoise VST/VSTis listboxes (that sort plugin’s by the authors’ names)

  • drag and drop items in listboxes like in every windows programs

  • properly zoom instruments enveloppes

  • raise pitch enveloppes max value to 2400 cents (2400 cents=2 octaves, for now in the [2.7] version you can only pitch up/down to 1200 cents)

  • position samples in a pseudo 3D space (working with headphones),

  • generate automatically a song name (you only choose a musical genre and it 's done)

  • vocode a track (like for example TAL vocoder but with a native dsp)

  • detect / correct the pitch (like for example Gsnap but with a native dsp)

Improved selection tool would be my choice, the one were you could separately select volume, pan and delay columns.