Levvo's Music - A post for all my new compositions

Figured i’d make a proper post for all of my music uploads so this will be it!

My newest release:


My last three releases:

The fall of the Hero


Modern Chaos

If you wanna come chill with me while I make music come join me on my youtube! I also post all my finished songs here with a lil bit of video.

You’ll also find all my songs on Soundcloud:


I liked modern chaos a lot but tell me about the sax did you play it or is it midi ?

Thanks! The Sax is a VST called “Martin Best: DVS Saxophone”

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Great i will check it out thanks

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Zelda music always brings a smile to my face.

Modern Chaos is nice. I like how you kept the dynamics that are part of Jazz. And not squashed it to death. +1 for that! :grinning:

As you asked for tips & suggestions; reverb. you have quite a bit of it. Which is nice but the problem with it, to my ears anyway, is that it sound like reverb.

I think your track could shine more if it had a “room sound”. Ambience, opposed to the reverb sound it has now. I would suggest you try to make it sound like it was all recorded in a one room. Easier said than done, for sure. But it’s fun to experiment with and learn things.

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Love zelda! :smiley: … Might do another one at some point.

First jazz song ever made, so that’s quite the compliment for me ^^

I was going for like a little bar, small stage - jazz band playing kind of feeling. But I see what you mean. I’m not even sure I actually pushed reverb on to anything. Maaaaybe a bit on the piano.But I guess I’d need to push em together even more. Just really, really hard when I don’t quite know what tools to use. I did add some “wideness” to the sax which might feel a bit reverby.
I’ll have to look into mastering a lot more for sure! And going to buy a pair of good headphones so I can pinpoint things a lot better. Right now i’m using like gaming headphones to compose and my stereo for mixing, then going like forward and back. And in the end I try like on phone and a bluetooth speaker. Maybe car audio if I have the mp3 with me. But having just a good pair of headphones would make it so much easier. XD

Thank you for the tips!

New song composed! Hope ya like it :smiley:


Oh man oh man what a piece!!!I loved every freaking minute of it. You are like o rock god

Haha, thank you very much! :smiley:

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The solo at 1:10 is soo good! :guitar: :drummer:

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New song! Bit of a quicker one but kinda fell for the melody so felt it should be shared =)

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Did a “Create a song in 30 minutes” challange and ended up with this:

Put another 20-30 min to fix it up afterwords. Cause I kinda ended up liking it.