LFO and Macros are unfriendly and dont work as I want...

Q1) There is old trick how you could modulate lfo by accurate steps. LFO1 modulates some parameter. LFO2 has frequency set to 0 and has a custom wave, where are points representing some values that modulate LFO1 frequency. Because LFO2 has frequency 0, it doesnt moving but reset fx command of LFO2 (x8xx) in pattern editor can change position of the line in a custom wave editor of that LFO. So you can use 2840 or 2880 for example to choose different points and change frequency of LFO1. Look at picture below.
My question is, when point1 is 100%, point2 is 50%, point3 is 25% and point4 is 0%. Why these points change frequency of LFO1 to these values (if the 100% is 4lpb).
point1 changes frequency to 4lpb, point2 to 1.6, point3 to 2 and point 4 to 2.667.
For me logical values should look like this: 4lpb, 2lpb, 1lpb, 0lpb (not so sure about this zero, nevermind)…

2) But now we have better instruments and macros. So what if i wanna create that classic wobble bass? I dont know how!
If you take a look at ableton you will see macros with step lfo (so you can switch just between 1/16,1/8,1/4,1/2 for example) and this is exatly what i wanna in Renoise. That effect chain on picture can be replicated in a fx chain inside the instrument but there is no way how to control lfo reset parameter by track fx command (even if it would be very uncomfortable way of doing things).
So there is no big difference if i talk about istrument lfo in fx chain or in envelopes. Because in both cases, we can assign them to the beat but we cannot modulate them to stay on the beat and not go off. If there is, tell me please!!!
I was thinking about creating (not by me :slight_smile: some skip parameter inside the macro (or maybe LFO itself), it would be a number that divides difference of min and max into steps given by that number. That would make macro or LFO more precise (amateurish solution but you get the idea…)

1 - If i understand the question correctly, the solution is actually as simple as changing the amplitude of lfo2 to 100. ;)
2 - To control reset values by commands in pattern editor is just to right click the reset button and you’ll get a pattern command for it. Change the value and it will reset from another position.

  1. No. It is not, if you do it then Point1(0%): inf Point2(50%): 2 Point3{75%): 1.335 Point4(100%): 1

  2. I know it. I said it: “That effect chain on picture can be replicated in a fx chain inside the instrument but there is no way how to control lfo reset parameter by track fx command (even if it would be very uncomfortable way of doing things).”
    What i say is that can not be done with lfo inside the instruments (in modulation chains or fx chains).
    I just wanna create wobble bass (for example) with lfo assigned to macro that will switch between given LPC / beats values.
    It should be done like in any software synth, when you sync lfo and get posibilities like 1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16 etc.

I don’t really understand what the issue is because i have no problems creating wobbles in multiple ways in Renoise.
I have actually also requested a sync feature on LFO that makes it snap to even beats, but it’s not a feature yet.

If you want a wobble to snap to certain beats you need one lfo with custom points at the different beats you want, then another infinite lfo that controls its reset value and you assign its offset to a macro.

Have you checked out the factory content in r3? Wobble Bass would be the name to look for.
It’s based on dblue’s famous wobble bass example - with the sort of speed control you’re looking for, and then some (you have independent control of speed and dotted/triplet notes).
All of this unfortunately makes it a bit complex. Would be happy to pull it apart and explain what is going on in there…

Alternatively, share the xrni or xrns so we can see what is the problem?

Apropos modulating the wobble in realtime and then straying off the beat - yes, we have no such thing as a time quantize for parameters. I’m sure this could be pulled off with the formula device though (actually, interesting idea!). But to make it more friendly to begin with, obviously you would want to reset the LFO when the bass is played/triggered (done via a key tracker with zero velocity routed to the LFO reset)

1) Still isnt solved: Does anybody know how to create points for 8lpc,4lpc,2lpc and 1lpc for example?

2) Thank you for that trick with a offset! It is what i´ve needed. Now it is possible to control that wobble bass in realtime, Great!
With this trick, sync feature on LFO is not so needed (if I solve first question actually…)

I usually just enter the reset as an FX command at the beginning of each pattern. But this is possible too, yeah.

I will look at it, thank you.
Btw. formula device is very uncomfortable solution for something like this :-).

But then you can not control it in the realtime or create complex instrument with synched lfo macro :-).
I know how to control this things in r2.8 but with r3 possibilites are bigger.

Then I fear you might not like this :lol:/>

LineQuantize, a formula device for controlling parameter changes quantized over time
Download the file, then rightclick any DSP chain in Renoise and choose Device Chain -> Load

(I’ve created a dedicated topic for this device here, as well)

If somebody other develop it, i dont have a problem :lol:.
Thanks, will try later.

i´m looking for this too.

i would love to be able to play wobbles (lfo:s) live so that they would be automatically synced and the values quantized to 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 etc (or other preset intervals).

of course all this can be programmed in renoise but i would like to be able to play live … =/

i noticed i can draw 6 different “speed” lfo:s in the lfo custom waveform section but i have not yet found a way to trigger (change) them over midi. any ideas?