LFO and pitch wheel not working together

Guys, can anyone help?
In Modulation tab, when i map my midi keyboard pitch wheel to Pitch slider and after that assign LFO to pitch, the pitch wheel stops working. it still change the numbers at pitch slider, but no result. So do i have to decide: use LFO or use pitch wheel? Or how to fix this? I can attach instrument or song file if needed

Renoise Version: 3.2.x

hmm, works fine over here… maybe attach an example?

You must try to set up the modulation so the result is a combination of the LFO and the pitch wheel. That is what the mathematical operators next to each unit are for. For example, you could use the pitch wheel to move the base pitch, and then set up the LFO to add to that unit, so both modulations would be combined.

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A bit late, but:

Found what was a problem. LFO was in this mode


After i switched to " + " or " - " it works fine. I assume that " * " negates any changes, but only for pitch. At Volume ant Cutoff it works fine.

Thanks for those who responded

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