Lfo Device/dubstep

hello everyone

okay basically ive been trying to use the LFO device for a while to try and make some kind of dubstep wobble but i cant seem to figure it out, ive read the tutorial but i was left unsure of how to apply that to making any sound, i tried using the ‘chip sine wave’ with it but thats obviously not what you have to do and i’m an idiot.

Basically i just would like to know how to make a fat sub bass sound and how to control a wobble on it?


  • Square wave, 2nd octave
  • Filter 3, low shelf
  • LFO on Filter 3 cutoff
  • Set LFO frequency for desired wobble-length.

I’d like to also point out ‘Jong Belegen’ demo song for reference :)
Good luck, have fun and USE THE WOBBLE WITH CARE!!!
Dubstep wobble is just a trick, applying the trick properly is the actual art.

You can go even deeper. If you want that aggresive “Noisia” sound you can layer several basses ontop of eachother (each having different effects). For example, you can use a simple sinewave to properly display the bassfrequencies, while you layer a square/sawwave with alot of distortion ontop of it to give it that narly sound (of course this sound has to be highpassed so it doesn’t clash with the sinewave). Apply some (wobble) filtering and compression, and there you go :)

Hmmm, I’d rather split the sound than layering it… (ie: split frequency-wize… split high/mid from low/sub) But that’s mostly because I don’t know how those low-end frequencies will behave when layered. To play it safe, I usually have a channel for each section (low, mid and high).

Yeah, that might be even better. I actually never tried that :) Thanks!

thanks alot guys

i actually have made huge progress now but ive hit a snag, i want to be able to change the rate at which it wobbles during the pattern, im a little confused about how the effect command works for the lfo?

i understand that the first number is the position in the dsp effects but how do i change the frequency so the wobbles change during the pattern?

thanks again

For that, automation works best in my opinion. Automate the LFO frequency using points to change your wobble-speed (ie: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, etc).

When moving the “Frequency” slider of your LFO device, the appropriate pattern effect command will be displayed in the lower left corner of the Renoise window. Let’s suppose your LFO device is the second effect in your DSP chain. Then 24xx (xx ranging from 00 to FF) will change its frequency.

Alternatively, you can make use of the automation window as suggested by BotB.